A band with taiko at its heart




A band with taiko at its heart, Ilk are taiko (Japanese drums, Georgie McGeown & Alison Roe), guitar (Jer Reid), bass (Ali Begbie) and violin (Rafe Fitzpatrick) – skins and strings basically.

Ilk are based in Glasgow and have played festivals and gigs in Scotland and England, including Wild Woods family day in Bradford, Nice’n’Sleazy’s in Glasgow, and Henry’s Cellar bar in Edinburgh.

Ilk have played with Pikacyu*Makoto, Daikiri, Don Vito, The Brackish, FK Alexander, Cucina Povera and share a collective rehearsal space at On The Corner studio with Breakfast Muff, Current Affairs, Joyce Delaney, Gymnastic Band and others.



Ilk at the Old Hairdresser’s, Glasgow, October 2016 – photos by Brian Hartley / Still Motion

ILK, adj.1, n.

I. adj. Same, especially that ilk, the very same (person, place or thing just mentioned).

II. n. From the phrase of that ilk above, ilk came to be thought of as a noun and hence by extension to mean family, race, quality, sort, kind. This erroneous meaning is now occasionally found in English.

[O.Sc. ilk, same, from 1375, of that ilk, 1400; North.Mid.Eng. ilke, O.E. ilca, the same.]


The Scottish National Dictionary


Ilk at Wild Woods, Bradford

Ilk at Wild Woods, Bradford, April 2017 – photo by The Brick Box Rooms